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Course Selection

2023-2024 Graduation Plan and Course Offerings

Foundation High School Program At MNTHS

English Language Arts - 4 Credits
English I, II, III, & One Advanced English Course

Mathematics - 4 Credits*
Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry & at least One Additional Advanced Math Course

Science - 5 Credits*
Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Two Additional Advanced Science Course

Social Studies - 3 Credits
World Geography or World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government (0.5) & Economics (0.5)

Physical Education - 1 Credit
Or any SBOE Approved Substitution

Languages Other Than English - 2 Credits
Any two levels in the same language

Fine Arts - 1 Credit
Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra, or Theatre Arts, Music Appreciation

Engineering - 1 Credit*
Engineering Essentials, Intro To Engineering; or Robotics

Additional Electives - 5 Credits**

Foundation High School Graduation Plan with Endorsement Total Credits = 26.0

*Additional Courses Required at MNTHS

**ALL students at MNTHS Graduate with at least one Endorsement, STEM Endorsement Required

  • Students entering 9th grade must choose an endorsement

  • The endorsement may be changed at any time

  • Students graduating from MNTHS MUST have a STEM endorsement

  • Students graduating from MNTHS may choose an additional endorsement 

  • Please visit with your school counselor to learn more about your options. 




  • Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Biotechnology / Biomedical Sciences

Business & Industry

  • Digital Art & Web Design


STEM (Required)
  1. Math (5 total Math Credits)

    • Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and two adv. math courses for which Algebra 2 as a prerequisite

  2. Science (5 total Science Credits)

    • Physics, Biology, Chemistry and two adv. Science courses 

  3. Engineering (4 total Engineering Credits)

    • 4 credits in Engineering with at least one advanced course 

      • Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design & Development

  4. Computer Science (4 credits in Computer Science)

    • Fundamentals of Computer Science and Computer Programming, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science, Cyber Security

  • To obtain a STEM endorsement, students must have also taken Algebra 2, Physics & Chemistry along with the selected STEM requirements and must have met other Foundation Graduation Requirements.


The following are ways a student can earn their Physical Education Credit at MNTHS:

  • The first semester of Band (Marching band).   This would require 2 years of Band to fulfill the credit requirements for both Physical Education and Fine Arts

  • Color Guard 

  • Athletics (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Soccer, Softball, Golf, Tennis) 


The following are ways that a student can earn their Fine Arts Credit at MNTHS:

  • Art

  • Band

  • ColorGuard

  • Choir

  • Orchestra

  • Theatre Arts/Tech Theater/Theatre Production

  • Music Appreciation

 Early College at MNTHS 

All MNTHS Scholars will select a college credit pathway when starting their high school experience!

  • Earn 9 college credit hours by the end of 10th grade.

  • Earn at least an English and Math Credit by the end of 11th grade.

  • Earn 15 college credit hours by graduation.

  • Complete one of three college credit pathways by the end of graduation.



Begin Taking College Classes

Estimated College Credit Hours

TSIA2 Requirements

Choose This Pathway If…

Associate Degree 

9th Grade Year

60 Hours

Any section of TSIA2 to start, TSIA2 Complete to finish

…the Associate Degree plans we offer align with your Bachelor’s Degree plan you want to pursue after High School.

Core Complete

By 11th Grade Year

42 Hours

Any section of TSIA2 to start, TSIA2 Complete to finish

…if you are unsure about what you want to study after you graduate High School but want college credits.

Industry Certification

11th Grade Year

12-30 Hours

TSIA2 not required for work-based certificates

…if you think you would prefer to go straight into the workforce after High School.


Dual Credit/Enrollment Programs at New Tech

ACC - We offer several Dual Credit courses (Scholars earn high school and college credit) through Austin Community College. 

Dual Credit Process

ACC Information: Students must pass the TSI exam to enroll in any ACC course. Dual Credit Students must also complete the ACC enrollment process. There is no guarantee Dual Credit classes will make on campus. (If not enough scholars sign up, the course will be cancelled)

TSTC Information- Student will need to complete an application in order to register for TSTC. Classes are on campus but ONLINE ONLY! 

Course Selection for Freshman

Students will choose 8 classes and 2 Alternate Electives

  • 4 core classes (English, History, Math, Science)

  • * Freshman who have not yet taken Alg1 will take both Alg1 and Alg 2 in 9th grade. 1 each semester.*

  • 1 PE or Athletics 

  • 1 LOTE 

  • 1 Fine Art

  • 1 CTE course (Engineering, Health Science, Computer Science)


Graduation Plan & Course Offerings

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