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Study Tours

Study Tours Agenda (6-8 Hours)

Manor New Tech High School offers study tours for other participating schools and district administrators to participate in. Below is an outline of what's provided in such a tour.  

  • Continental Breakfast  provided
  • Flash Drive provided with examples of Projects, Case Studies, Keynote Presentation and Miscellaneous information

Overview of School - Principal

  • What is T-STEM 
  • What is Integrated STEM?
  • What impact does technology have?
  • What is Project Based Learning?
  • A whole school approach
  • Debrief

Student Led Tour of MNTHS

  • Student Ambassadors will take guests to classrooms to see PBL, our New Tech Learning System, Project Presentations, Project Launches and an integrated learning environment in action
  • Guests can interact with students and teachers to discover where they are in their PBL learning process
  • Debrief
Lunch with Teachers
  • Catered lunch will be provided for guests and faculty
  • Guests will have an opportunity to dialogue with teachers, and students one on one
  • Debrief
Examples of Project Based Learning Processes 
  • Entry Docs
  • Need to Knows
  • Rubrics
  • Student Products
  • Debrief 
  • Data
Student Panel
  • MNTHS students will be randomly selected to participate in a dialogue and Q&A with guests
Debrief/Takeaways - Principal
  • One on one discussion with principal and staff
  • Opportunities to get information, and answers to any remaining questions
principal debrief meeting with study tour guests
visitors touring classroom

*For unscheduled Study Tours please call for availability

To register for a tour contact: 

Wanda Cruz- MNTHS Administrative Assistant

(512) 278-4875